My uniform is my pride…

Yet i do have relations to maintain,
Making them happy and full filled is also a part of my aim.

I too have fear of death,
I too have dreams and desires..want to complete it before my last breath.

My old parents want me to be near, so their souls depart body without any fear.

My wife is anxious, waiting for me to take leave.
Making excuses,so she can see me again, i’ll come soon is her naive believe.

That believe ellure me to fulfil my love’s every wish. 

My children wanted to hear my stories of border.
 I love to see their childhood to create my memories, but unfortunately i don’t have much to cherish.

these thoughts are faded when i see my uniform.

It reminds me about my motive, that honorable reason why i born.

I may fail to complete duties in my relations,
But they all will be proud if i bleed for my nation.
I promise I’ll be back in my uniform whether dead or alive.
I am few among many who are priceless to earn this pride.

– Nupur


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