6eaa3e34368795e9d488cd2e2d7e89ecI remember my memories with my Parents. when i was there.

An atmosphere full of beautiful emotions, no survival fear.

 I grew up in an environment,where they gave me freedom to explore.

They shows faith and encourage strength in me, my life was blend of vibgyor.

Sometimes giggle..sometimes scolding..in every failure that careful moulding.

Why can’t i go back in my carefree time??

But in my selfishness forgot that ,

Must be they too felt the same.

Like me, they must have craved for that shadow..that gave them earlier soothing peace.

In process of nurturing me, they ignored their own shed,

too slowly with an ease.

They had their lively lives,which some how abandoned due to me.

They too had desires and dreams..many times so easily, sacrificed for me.

While in between my memory lane,

 my child call me up,

Now it’s my time to build memories for my children.

 I realised that’s  how we all grow up.

This is chain process of life, shifting generation to generation,

We all follow God’s path of creation.

 Give what we have that’s make whole process complete.

My parents and and me already had that wonderful time and memories now its time for my kids to repeat.

– Nupur


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