Waiting is pure sign of ‘hope’ patiently.

Waiting for Brightness…

Hope, today’s sunset will bright sunshine tomorrow , immense brightness is imperishable.

Waiting for freedom…

Hope, thoughts will overcome every vacillation which limit to grow.

Waiting to be loved…

Hope, that despite of many flaws within…somewhere someone loves u completely.

Waiting to be heard…

Hope, to be listened by someone when fumbling with words due to compressed feelings.

Waiting to be cured…

Hope to get rid of own build scary monster who imprisoned our mind, body and soul.

Waiting for success…


Hope, that every failure determine one step towards the aim.

Waiting for togetherness…

Hope, to feel the warmth again which is lost.

Waiting to hear that cry…

Hope, that cry bring new life to the world and smiles for many.

Waiting for help…

Hope, when needed someone will be there selflessly.

Waiting to be in peace…

Hope, we all not only rest in peace but live in peace also

– Nupur


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