parallel_world_by_ayronstorkarynx-d48sl11The day when i entered to this colouful and bright sphere from the darkness of journey started in a chaotic room.

How i look , walk ,talk and eat is the matter of speculation.
I have to be like someone, this penetrated into me with so many permutation and combination.

They know my choices  are differnt so decisions are not imposed directly,
Still as a good child i followed them whole heartly.

There i began to create world of mine, where every situation is perfectly rhymed.

“What people say”- my world give me courage not to think about it,I realise my creaation make me escape a bit.

There relations are not made of any selfish reason..people are mine without any discrimination.

I was told to run for society’s fixed goal, parallel world gave me courage to achieve my preferenceed role.

Many frustrations, sadness,heart breaks,anger my parallel world i it absorbed all, it soothes me like a baby who crawl.

I hate that chanting of violence everywhere in this existing world, Is this way God wanted this wonderful creation to be emerged.?

multiverse That’s why God wanted us to create our peace with an parallel world ,where no weapons is needed in the name of humanity,only love peace and harmony is the moral of any authority.

I wish somewhere both worlds coincide, may be then it will the conception of God’s pride.

– Nupur


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