Almighty is with me

gazing-0              Yes..almighty is with me.

When i am about to slip and looking for
a hand,
he is in the form of that hand,
which hold me with a grip
When i do mistakes and feel guilty..
he is in the form of my guilt..
When i m tired of all day hard work and want to rest..
he is in the form of my sleep.
When i was about to give up and something hold me back inside ..
he is in the form of my motivation.
When life is hard, waiting for things to be settled..
he is in the form of hope.
Yes ..i know almighty  is with me
                  – Nupur
Placeholder ImageMy hopes are like those sun rays who want to breach every dark cloud on its way..
May be it will take some time..
Not to forget fighting with time is very prime.
But one day it will will happen just for me.
My hopes will transform into the future i dreamed, blend with spree…
I know they are unstoppable until they succeed.
                       – Nupur